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3W LED Recessed Round Ceiling Flat Panel Down Light With Driver
VAT excluded
Domestic and Commercial use in Restaurant/Hotel, Shops and Supermarket, Garage, Auto Body Shops, Workshops, Showrooms/ Meeting rooms, Factories & Offices, Commercial complexes, Residential / Institution Buildings, Schools, Classrooms, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Underground Parks, Places where need energy saving and high colour rendering index lighting
45W 1500mm Linkable LED Batten Linear Tube Light 4275lm, Cool White With Fittings
£22.50 -30%
VAT excluded
45W 1500mm Linkable upto 5-6 LED Batten Linear Tube Light are Suitable for commercial and industrial use such as: Restaurant/Hotel Shops and Supermarket Garage, Auto Body Shops Workshops Showrooms/ Meeting rooms Factories & Offices Commercial complexes Residential / Institution Buildings Schools, Colleges & Universities Hospitals/Classrooms/Underground Parks